How to save money if you decide to buy wooden or combined windows?

Dear friends, we want to share with you our tips how to keep windows safe during the process of a house construction and do not spend a lot of money on their restoration. Our advice is based on our experience, real situations and experience in eliminating the defects.

One of the main reasons why windows are damaged is that customers sometimes install wooden windows at the beginning or at the middle of the repair works process. Builders are trying to convince the customer by all means that it would be better. Indeed, it is easier to build like this, but then, as a rule, it seems not possible to find a responsible person and the customer has to pay for all. We do not recommend doing this.

Rule #1. It is quite desirable to install wood or wood aluminium windows when all so-called wet works (wall plastering, floor pouring) in a room are ended and it acquired its natural moisture level. Oh, we completely forgot about the jambs. You can make them even with help of plaster. It will result in high quality installation, otherwise vapour seal tape will badly stick to uneven surface.

Rule #2. Do not leave the house with wood windows without heating for the winter period.

Rule #3. Start home heating process stepwise, not at full out. Skilled builders known that if to run it at full capacity, major sashes may be deformed.

Rule #4. After windows and doors installation do not put the furniture (handles). Typically, builders plaster jambs with open sashes (nobody wants to inhale dust) and the furniture gets dirty.

Also, while mounting the lift-slide systems, the fittings are damaged in 30% of cases. It is enough to walk along the guide rails in dirty boots while carrying construction materials or to splash out the plaster passing through the doorway from time to time. The rollers on the rails are not made from metal, so they can be damaged by small stones and the lift-slide mechanism will not work as good as you would like.

Rule #5. Do not seal the wood windows with Scotch or painter’s tapes on a strong adhesive base. It would cost you money, as you would have either to restore the windows at the spot, or to refurbish windows completely at production facilities.

Do you want to know how to properly keep safe wooden windows? Just call us and we will help.