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The glazing is heated .

The Ukrainian market is becoming more demanding of new systems of energy saving and space saving.

In the interior of the restaurant was used for exterior sliding doors in wood, a feature of which was the use of glass progressive direction. In addition to such necessary functions as protection against wind and cold, they perform the function of heating.

The heating system is fully automated. Temperature is set on the display and, if necessary, the glass can be heated to 55 degrees in seconds. This allowed us to go from heating systems fan coil units and Underfloor heating. Design safe, efficient and reliable in operation.

The company “Guild Window” has implemented the project for the first time, while abroad this system has long demanded. To comply with the overall concept of interior solution, from the inside of the sliding design is made in ash.

The texture and appearance of your designs combine with wooden tables. To enhance the overall atmosphere of unity with nature through the use of natural materials, the company “Guild Window” proposed the sills, are individually painted on copper.

Used in their manufacture technologies, has allowed the interior designer requirements and performance capabilities needed for the customer . When dividing the main hall into functional areas, were used wooden decorative grilles made by “Guild Window” .