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On December 5, 2014 Window Guild company became one of the leading sponsors of the all-Ukrainian annual design competition “Interior of the Year 2014”, held at the National Art and Culture Museum Complex Mystetskyi Arsenal. According to the already adopted tradition, the event program was opened by workshops carried out by famous architects. This year Virginijus Juozaitis (Lithuania), Massimo Papiri (Italy), Robin Monotti (UK), Carlo Colombo (Italy) presented their works. This event attracted a capacity crowd among quite eminent, as well as among novice architects and designers of Ukraine, Italy, the Baltic countries and the UK. Window Guild Company has traditionally presented its products on the company’s stand.

Awarding of the best architects and designers of Ukraine within six nominations became the culmination of the competition.

“Interiors of administrative and public buildings” nomination

1st place – Sergei Makhno

2nd place – Chaplinskyy & Associates

3rd place – Valeria Zavgorodneva, Lyubomyr Podolyanych

“Interior of retail and catering premises” nomination

1st place – Volodymyr Nepyivoda, Dmitriy Bonesko

2nd place – Anna Domovesova

3rd place – Volodymyr Nepyivoda, Dmitriy Bonesko

“Private apartment in modern style interior” nomination

1st place – Yuriy Shalatskiy

2nd place – Arthur Sharf, Artem Zverev

3rd place – Slava Balbek, Sasha Ivasiv

“Individual apartment in classical style interior” nomination

1st place – Svoya Studio (Denis Sokolov, Valeria Sokolova, Artem Martynenko, Julia Martynenko)

2nd place – Taras Kolomoets, Alla Kolomoets

3rd place – Vladimir Kantsur, Lana Sandheim

“The interior of a private house in modern style” nomination

1st place – Andrei Yarema, Andrei Parfan

2nd place – Nikolai Hulyk

3rd place – Victoria Yakusha

Nomination “The interior of a private house in the classic style”

1st place – SBM Studio (Olha Kleitman, Valeria Agafonova, Anna Verizhenko, Ekaterina Agafonova)

2nd place – Slava Balbek, Nadezhda Chabannaya

3rd place – Nikolai Hulyk


Nikolai Hulyk (BARABAN Design Studio)

Window Guild company congratulates the winners and is looking for cooperation in the most incredible ideas realisation!!!

Photo report of the event