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Aluminum profile does not need special care. It is able to bear high static loads and looks constructional during complex products assembling.

Modern aluminum profiles window systems have a high coefficient of thermal insulance. They are quite efficient in keeping warmth (like wooden windows), they are resistant to corrosion.

The most frequently we use profile systems of such world famous brands as REYNAERS, ETEM, PROFILCO, SCHUCO.

Amazing special effects can be achieved by painting and finishing of an aluminium surface: visually and tactile pleasant high strength Coatex coating, warm wood texture, noble “antique” and others.

Final finishing can be done in a matte, semi-gloss or glossy version.

Aluminium systems are both light and durable. They are ideal for premises with constant high-level humidity: winter gardens, swimming pools, greeneries etc.

Examples of the mentioned systems are presented in the company’s showroom

Cost of the products starts from 200 €/m2