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Wood aluminium window systems are more practical and long-living, comparing to the window systems made exclusively from wood. In order to protect wood from environmental impact and minimize cost and servicing time, external parts are made of aluminium.

Wood aluminium systems are equipped with double glazed panels with maximum thermal and sun protection. Warm edge spacer bar technology applied to the glazed panels, unlike to the cold edge in aluminium ones, what helps prevent condensation forming on the inside of the window, increasing thermal transmittance coefficient, especially of small-sized insulating glass units. Sealed unit thickness of such systems is either 44 mm or 52 mm.

Aluminium claddings are not structural elements and are attached by means of clips to compensate for the difference between expansions of materials (wood and aluminium). In its turn, this combination promotes natural thermal insulation and excellent ventilation between wood and aluminium, perfectly removing condensate inside the unit.

Wood used for manufacturing is pine, larch, oak, ash, cherry, plane-tree maple, elm and maple. We also propose exotic wood products that are able to stand severe climate conditions. Window systems we offer are suitable for glazing of houses, flats, office premises.

Cost of wood aluminium items starts from 450 €/m2.

Дерево-алюминиевые системы
“Sash-frame” wood system product’s section drawing:

1. Sash beam.
2. Frame beam.
3. Drainage profile seal.
4. Aluminium sash protection.
5. Aluminium frame protection.
6. Main sealing circuit.
7. Additional internal sealing circuit.
8. Additional external sealing circuit.
9. Glazing unit.
10. Assembling undercuts.

Samples are presented at the company’s showroom.