Individual design. Terms, opportunities, cost.

Most of our orders  are unique designs. The fact is that our customers are talented and uncompromising people. They clearly understand what kind of door, stairs or wall panel they need. The rules of the golden section are equally important to them in the proportions of the bedside table and in the ratio of the panel to the door leaf.

It also happens that the designer needs a non-standard solution. For example, a special radius of rounding or processing of beads at an unusual angle. It happens that there are simply no cutters in the production to implement this non-standard idea. In this case, we order the manufacture of these cutters! Because we respect the perfectionism of our customers and are ready to make their dreams come true. For us it is a matter of honor!

How does this affect the price of the order? Does not affect. New cutters replenish our production base. With them, we have more opportunities to implement complex orders producing future.
How does this affect timing? The production of a new non-standard cutter takes about a month and a half. As a rule, we solve this problem by optimizing production processes. We develop a production load plan and prepare all the parts before the new cutter arrives. And having received it – we accelerate on the given order. Thus, we have time to fulfill orders in standard time.

It is important for us to make the order exactly as the time that client wants: to meet the deadline, to confirm the level of quality that is expected of us. For this we are so loved by clients with “difficult” and non-standard tasks. Admittedly, it’s mutual.

Exclusive furniture of any complexity is exactly what we can do. Contact us, we will consult and make a calculation!


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