The history about quality.

We want to tell a story about quality. For us, the Window Guild is an indisputable value and a top priority.
More than once it happened that colleagues from major European brands used our facilities to produce their products. We sent classic tables and bedside tables to where the company strengthened its brand label and sent orders to customers around the world. It turned out to be especially interesting when, as a result, the object returned to Ukraine and got into the interior of an architect we know, who highly appreciates the European traditions of furniture production. That’s right, but only we knew that in this case we are talking about production operating in Ukraine.

We are convinced that it is time to appreciate our own. People with golden hands. Craftsmen who know how to embody the most intricate cabinet, how to achieve the desired level of gloss or mount a structure that seems to be useless. We are ready to implement your ideas on the drawings, or create these drawings yourself.
We make a mistake in one day, contact us!


“If I have learned anything it is how little I know and how important it is to have people around you who do,” says Harriett, 47.

Their old home was a two-bedroom flat in Walthamstow and with two golden retrievers, Ella and Charlie, they wanted more space. But their new house, while double-fronted, was only one room deep, with a tiny kitchen, pocket-sized living room, one bathroom and two modest-sized bedrooms.

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