Cedarwood – apartments


Design: Dubrovska Studio
Area: 52 m
Location: Kyiv
Photo: E. Avramenko
The apartment is in a house built in 1966, a classic «stalinka» – a colloquial name for apartment buildings constructed in the USSR from the late 1930s to the mid-60s. Initially, the interior was planned to be minimalistic and calm. But after dismantling, we unexpectedly found a stucco decoration above the plasterboard ceiling, as well as a beautiful red brick on the walls. Without much consideration, we decided to change the whole project towards a more natural and raw-looking space. We decided not just to fill the space but to show all the heritage of the last century.

Initially, the interior was planned to be minimalistic and calm. The owner has been already living in this apartment and his personal request was «to bring a sense of freedom and fresh air».
After dismantling a plasterboard ceiling and walls we unexpectedly found around 20cm of extra space, as well as a stucco decoration and a beautiful red brick. Our client was excited about the discovery, so were we, so we decided to follow the principles of essentialism: clean up, restore and save. The result is quite inspiring, you can see it now.
The windows in this incredible space are also made from wood by our company.

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