Hayloft – real loft

This duplex apartment is a real loft, as described in the textbooks. It is located in the administrative building. Initially, there were almost no windows in this part of the building. But the owners of the space did not like this, they needed natural light. Nothing is impossible for a professional architect – floor-to-ceiling windows have appeared and have transformed the apartment in a fantastic way. Now there are even windows in the bathroom. And all this is our job.
An important question that arises in projects with a lot of glazing is the energy efficiency of the building. When the height of the ceilings in the room reaches six meters, and a significant area of ​​the wall is occupied by windows, it is important to calculate everything in order to avoid heat loss. The technical characteristics of our windows, as well as the experience of our craftsmen, allow this. There will definitely not be any extra heating costs at Hayloft.
Be sure to look through the photo – this interior has a lot of expressive details. Pay attention to the furniture and decor, most of the items are created by Ukrainian designers. We are proud of our colleagues, and we urge our clients to choose Ukrainian. This is especially important today!