About Us

The company was founded in Kyiv in 2009. Some professionals who had more than ten years experience in woodworking united to offer a new level of service and to create custom projects.
We produce doors, windows and interior solutions for public spaces and private int домас eriors. We can either use architect’s drawings or design models by ourselves. We cooperate with interior designers as well as work for private clients. We have great experience in working with clients from different countries. We deliver our products all over the world.

Our production facilities are located near Kyiv and in Zakarpattia region of Ukraine. Our well qualified workers use high technology equipment that’s why we can produce the most difficult constructions with exact accuracy.

There are enough standard doors and plastics windows, basic wardrobes and bedside tables in this world. We work for clients who need something more, some special product filled with emotions. Tactile characteristics of material, general aesthetics of lines and proportions, the sound of opening and closing – everything is important. Our goal is to create the interior element which will please its owner every day.

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Our philosophy

We prepare carefully

Often a client comes with an idea what window, shop-window or spiral stairs they need. It can be an image from a movie or recollection from a hotel where they had stayed on their trip. If there is not an exact aim, just a general idea, we start with some references, then take measurements and product samples. We pass through several stages of approving. We keep working before our client exclaims: “Here it is! That is just what I wanted.”

We offer options

While one client wants to have the front door look like Bentley, the other one prefers Skoda Fabia because of its utility, and the other one lives in Harley Davidson mood and they would like to have appropriate doors. We create design which reflects values and lifestyle of this particular client.

We are always honest with ourselves

Every task can be done with different materials. It means the budget can be different. If it is demanded we always find the possibility to make a product cheaper by cutting the material in a different way or using other glue. We can be flexible on because we make it at our own producing facilities. But we never sacrifice quality, it is a strict rule.

We respect history

In some special projects, we use old wood which had lied hundreds of years as a floor joists in old buildings. Our colleagues know about such our passion and invite us to collect the wood from the houses which are being demolished or renewed totally. That is how we got timber beams from the Russov’s house in Odessa, Ukraine. This wood was brought from Siberia more than 150 years ago. It is solid as steel and has all other excellent qualities. Work with such material is a particular joy.

We love challenging tasks

The difficult orders motivate us the most. One example from our practice – the client wanted to have doors as in mansions in Kyivan Rus'. We studied the topic in books, explored the households of that historical period. We designed the construction which met the requirements not only by its aesthetics but also with how it is produced. We used old methods of connecting details. We added a slight flection effect to the door and door trims. People at that age had no electric equipment and any surface could not be perfectly flat. On top of all that, we bought old forged nails in the auction and renovated them with acid. The mission accomplished! The door “from Kyivan Rus'” appeared in the household in modern Kyiv.

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