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Schekavitskaya apartment

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Hayloft - real loft

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Private apartment

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Cedarwood - apartments

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    Production philosophy

    We prepare carefully

    Often a client comes with an idea what window, shop-window or spiral stairs they need. It can be an image from a movie or recollection from a hotel where they had stayed on their trip. If there is not an exact aim, just a general idea, we start with some references, then take measurements and product samples. We pass through several stages of approving. We keep working before our client exclaims: “Here it is! That is just what I wanted.”

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    We offer options

    While one client wants to have the front door look like Bentley, the other one prefers Skoda Fabia because of its utility, and the other one lives in Harley Davidson mood and they would like to have appropriate doors. We create design which reflects values and lifestyle of this particular client.

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